What's Your Translation?

It's certainly something that I can't answer for you. All I can do is show you what the letters can mean to me, and maybe you can get some inspiration to make your own translations to the letters and the words.

This site is about how I interpret the Ancient Hebrew pictograph language. (see the picture).

They look like hieroglyphs almost and they have different meanings to different people at different times... for example...

Ancient Modern English Introductory Concepts
א A Ox / #1 / Me pronoun / power
ב B Home / Family / maze
ג G Foot / going somewhere / carrying something
ד D Door / portal / enter-exit
ה E/H Look here! Hey! Ta-Da! "Stick 'em up!"
ו U/OO Nailed / branch off in 2
ז Z Plow / plant something / root out 
ח CH fence in or out / boundary
ט TH Wheel / X’s & O’s / basket lid
י I/Y An arm with ability / power / trying to reach for something
כ K Open hand / allow / permit / giving
ל L staff / candy cane / hook
מ M Waves [of whatever]
נ N Sprout / Seedling / Balloon
ס S Antenna / support / roadmap
ע O See / know / experience 
פ P Speak / mouth / opening
צ TS Lie in wait / hunt / desire or relaxing (on back reclining)
ק Q/QU Split / horizon / sunrise & set
ר R Head / mount / top / facing...
ש SH Teeth crunch crunch / fire / grinding something
ת T X marks the spot / end


Since I have imagination, I don't put any limits on what they can mean for positive interpretation for myself or others around me.

For example, why can't one take the letters and make cute little stick figures and tell a story that way?

What if the characters came alive? What could they say then?

Like this guy:


You can call him "Hey You!" (ה) because it looks like he's always trying to get everyone's attention by doing too many things at once. He's out there on the water (מ), keeping his balance on one foot (ג) on a beach ball (ט) while holding a balloon (נ) in one hand and catching a fish (פ + ו) in the other with a fishing pole (ז), all while balancing a stack of plates (ס) on his hat (ד). He certainly has the flying saucer's (ק) attention at least.

It looks like he might have spread himself too thin, but he seems to be handling himself ok.

But anyways I hope you enjoy the art. I hope you like it well enough that you deem it worthy to hang on your walls and elsewhere.

Enjoy the freedom. Enjoy the expression. Enjoy the journey.

Have a beautiful day ^_^

More to come soon...