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Modern Hebrew is the foundation of many modern religious and spiritual worldviews. Many texts and their meanings are derived from it. What we try to do here is go to the ultimate source of it: etymology and ancient pictography to find out the original intent of the meanings of these words, names and the rules handed down.

Of course what we find is by no means absolute and can be subject to change pending more information... but the more we did it, the more we found the words and letters to be a reflection of what was inside our own hearts... and they will be different and unique for each person who gives it a try... and not necessarily a one-size-fits-all rule to be applied universally... or else.

We would love to share these with more people who have the ability to listen... but they do take time... and although we have preferences as to what we would like to talk about next (the ancient calendar, the 10 commandments, the sacrifices and offerings), we would like to take this opportunity to invite you to ask what you would like to see in a word breakdown.

These videos take time to make and we are getting better with each one. We are looking to take up special requests as to what word/name/concept you're interesting in finding out

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